Bowling alone essay

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Bowling alone essay

Plot[ edit ] A new employee, Frank Grimeswho spent most of his life alone and working hard to make ends meet, is hired at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and put into Sector 7G, where he must work alongside HomerLenny, and Carl.

Grimes is aghast at Homer's laziness and general irresponsibility. When Grimes prevents Homer from drinking a beaker of sulfuric acid by slapping it out of his hands and into a wall, a passing Mr.

Burns admonishes Grimes for the damaged caused and gives him a pay cut. Grimes angrily declares to Homer that they are now enemies. At Moe Syzlak 's suggestion, Homer invites Grimes to his home for a lobster dinner, hoping to make them friends. However, Grimes is only further incensed by Homer's ability to live such a comfortable life and earn so many accomplishments despite his slothful and ignorant ways, while Grimes has little to show for his lifetime of hard work.


Declaring Homer a fraud, Grimes leaves in anger. The next day, Homer, after getting advice from Marge, tries to earn Grimes' respect by acting as a model employee, but his efforts fail. Grimes rants about Homer to Lenny and Carl, who both insist that despite his faults, Homer is a decent person.

To prove Homer's lack of intelligence, he tricks Homer into entering a nuclear power plant design contest intended for children.

However, Grimes' plan backfires as Homer's model, which is almost the same as the current plant with just two minor modifications, wins the contest. Moreover, instead of laughing at Homer, his co-workers loudly cheer for him, causing Grimes to finally snap and run around the plant mimicking and mocking Homer's habits.

Grimes sees a high voltage machine, declares that he doesn't need safety gloves, grabs the wires and is electrocuted. At Grimes' funeral, Homer falls asleep and talks in his dream, making all the attendees laugh as Grimes' coffin is lowered into the earth.

Meanwhile, Bart buys an abandoned factory for a dollar at a foreclosure auction at the Springfield Town Hall. He and Milhouse spend their days wrecking the building until it collapses one night during Milhouse's watch, at which point the rats inside swarm into Moe's Tavern. One of the goals of Oakley and Weinstein was to create several episodes in each season which would "push the envelope conceptually.

The thought evolved into the concept of a "real world" co-worker who would either love or hate Homer. The writers chose the latter as they thought it would have funnier results. In an essay for the book Leaving Springfield, Robert Sloane describes the episode as "an incisive consideration of The Simpsons's world.

Although The Simpsons is known for its self-reflectivity, the show had never looked at or critiqued itself as directly as it does in ['Homer's Enemy']. It really feels like what would happen if a real, somewhat humorless human had to deal with Homer.

There was some talk [on NoHomers. He was originally designed as a "burly ex-marine guy with a crew cut", [7] but would later be modeled after Michael Douglas in the movie Falling Down [3] and director Jim Reardon's college roommate. The producers decided Azaria was more suitable because the role involved a great deal of frustration and required extensive knowledge of the show.

According to Azaria, "I based the character on William Macy. I can't really copy him vocally, but I tried to get as close as I could and copy his rhythms and the way he has that sort of seething passion underneath that total calm exterior.

He pointed out everything that was wrongheaded and idiotic about that world. And the people who do that tend to become martyrs. He said things that needed to be said, but once they were said, we needed to destroy that person. I'll admit, we took a certain sadistic glee in his downfall.

He was such a righteous person, and that somehow made his demise more satisfying. According to Weinstein, "We wanted to have a Bart or Lisa kids story to contrast the heaviness and reality of Frank Grimes. It was viewed in approximately 7.

Simpsons creator Matt Groening above includes it among his favorite episodes, but former executive producer Mike Reiss below names it as one of his least favorite. According to Josh Weinstein, when the episode was first broadcast, many fans felt it was too dark, lacked humor and that Homer was portrayed as overly bad-mannered.

Warren Martyn and Adrian Wood, authors of I Can't Believe It's a Bigger and Better Updated Unofficial Simpsons Guide, described the episode as "one of the series' darkest episodes [that] ends on a real downer but is nevertheless also one of the wittiest and cleverest in ages.

Bowling alone essay

John Orvted said it was, "the darkest Simpsons episode ever To see [Grimes] fail, and ultimately be destroyed, once he enters Homer's world is hilarious and satisfying.

In a Entertainment Weekly article, Matt Groening ranked it as his sixth favorite Simpsons episode.What goes around indeed comes around. It was in when India, playing sans Tendulkar at home for the first time, baked South Africa off their top Test ranking on customized panic dustbowls.

Bowling Alone, the best known of Putnam’s several books about contemporary democracy, provides a detailed analysis of American inclinations like those on his home page.

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Bowling Alone: America's Declining Social Capital Whether or not bowling beats balloting in the eyes of most Americans, bowling teams illustrate yet another vanishing form of social capital.

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