Rencontres fructueuses en anglais

This success, which is also connected with the worldwide development of postcolonial studies, has foregrounded the difficulty of considering the archipelago in terms of unity as well as the need to appeal to several disciplines in order to respond to the challenge of an obvious diversity. During a previous colloquium, which was organised by Georges Voisset1 and took place in Martinique, participants emphasized the difficulties concerning the representation of the archipelago. The archipelago is said to be the proof of difference, the manifestation of what refuses the unity of the Self, the signature of the Other in its most radical alterity.

Rencontres fructueuses en anglais

Launched in Februarythe EUROSOC project set several objectives, the first of which was to establish a network of researchers Rencontres fructueuses en anglais the history of socialisms for the periodwithout excluding an interest for a broader chronology.

The seminar also hosted a full-day session dedicated to historian Georges Haupt and his archives. First, the EUROSOC online notebook has been regularly supplied with high-quality posts, published almost every week and covering the various aspects of the project: Most of the posts are in French but a significant number of them were translated in English for the sake of internationalisation.

The richness of this fonds has already been emphasized and is currently being exploited by Florent Godguinhistory and geography teacher and collaborator of the EUROSOC project. It contains numerous original documents from the Socialist International The Second International before and notably a part of the correspondence of the International Socialist Bureau that Haupt had recovered from Camille Huysmans.

Its scientific promotion is ongoing, notably thanks to Lucie Guesnierdoctor from the University of Paris 1 and author of a noteworthy thesis on the history of Romanian socialism before the First World War.

Translation On this matter, regarding the successful cooperation, I wish to underline the active participation of our colleagues from the Institute of Marxism of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

A letter written by Hardling and addressed to Huysmans about the early developments of socialism in China — a letter in English in the Haupt fonds — was translated in Chinese and published in the Yearbook of socialism Shanghai inas part of the partnership established by EUROSOC.

The acquisition of works At the bibliographical level, the fonds led to the acquisition of rare journals and books related to the history of socialism. It is a journal devoted to Marx and the marxisms and which contains important historical input on the history of the archival centers related to the socialist movement.

The document digitization will continue in order to further enhance regional and international resources that are still hard to access for researchers. On this matter, the cooperation between the archival centers will have to be strengthened.

At the end of the project, EUROSOC will organize in September-October a symposium which should emphasize the different levels of integration of the project; various historians from several countries will for instance be invited. Publications are also under study, along with the possibilities to perpetuate the project.Fronteras de Africa.

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Rencontres fructueuses en anglais

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