Retail clinics essay

The influenza season is starting to take off in the United States, with more than half the country reporting widespread cases of flu activity, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Patients suffering everyday complaints like chest colds or ankle sprains have long faced the lamentable choice between waiting days to see their family doctors or enduring time-sucking, unpleasant and expensive visits to hospital emergency rooms, especially at night and on weekends when physicians typically aren't open for business.

Retail clinics essay

The imminent collapse is clearly shown by the following facts: This is because high costs of insurance cause instability on the voluntary, private, and employer based system because increases in cost means purchasers limit coverage or increase the amounts they charge their workers hence the workers choose not to be covered.

The rules of enrollment in government and private programs result in millions of Americans going without health care coverage, including children. Census Bureau estimates that This was mainly due to affordability constraints. United States is the nation that spent highest amount of money and resources for its healthcare requirements.

The costs on pharmaceuticals and other expenses are so high that a good percent of the GDP is streamed to the health care sector. State budget deficits and federal cuts result in reduction in Medicare and Medicaid programs and employees are devoid of employment-based benefits.

These consumers re often forced to rely on regular credit cards after which they turn to other sources like retirement savingshome equity, friends and family when they reach their credit limit. Flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts have assisted consumers save money to meet their medical expenses to a limited extent however the need for more solutions far outweighs the capacity of this program.

Retail clinics essay

Retail clinics, which offer affordable basic medical services in a retail setting, have been of help somewhat but they cannot address high cost medical treatments related expenses. A study carried out to evaluate of the effect of a prospective payment method on hospital charges and the mixture of services offered to a group of Medicare patients with mental disorders who were treated in general acute care hospitals in Maryland showed that per case reimbursement have the advantage of providing incentives to minimize the cost one should pay to the hospital however this reduction in cost is possibly offset by higher charges upon readmission or by higher readmission rates.

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This study focused on per case reimbursement, in which hospitals are guaranteed a level of grand revenue depending on the number and case mix of discharges then evaluated its impact on hospital charges during an index admission and non- hospital and hospital charges for period of three month after the index admission.

The authors concluded that there was not significant impact of the per case payment method on the grand cost of mental health care over a specified period of time but the payment method seemed to influence the pattern of health care.

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MinuteClinics is the U.S. leader in retail-based health clinics. A retail-based clinic is housed in supermarkets and similar retail outlets providing walk-in health care, which may be staffed by nurse practitioners.

Retail clinics essay

A general out-patient clinic offers general diagnoses or treatments without an overnight stay. Retail clinics hold potential for a uniquely US solution to the problem of access to primary care. Although questions remain about their future, evidence suggests that retail clinics may have an important role in .

A Response to Medical Ethics and Retail Clinics The thoughtfulness evident in abundance in Thomas Heyne’s Bander contest essay by itself makes it worthy of the prize.

We cannot, however, escape its pervasive elegiac tone, infused through Mr. Heyne’s peculiarly dated examples of ways in which physicians might respond to patients’ failure to abide by their doctors’ advice to “have. Retail Clinics - Problem America spends more money on health care than any other nation in the world.

It is surprising to note that despite the amount of money spent on health care, % of the total population in the nation still remains uninsured. Urgent-care or walk-in? Primary care or retail medicine? What’s the difference? What happened to my old doctor’s office visit?

CVS MinuteClinic is a retail clinic located inside of CVS Pharmacy at FM , Wylie, TX, Similar to an urgent care, they treat non-life-threatening symptoms and conditions and wee walk-in patients with no appointments. For more information, call CVS MinuteClinic at () Retail Clinics - Problem America spends more money on health care than any other nation in the world. It is surprising to note that despite the amount of money spent on health care, % of the total population in the nation still remains uninsured. College essay writing service Question description Be sure to incorporate your weekly readings and cite your sources using proper APA guidelines (including in-text citations and references). Respond with meaningful feedback to two classmates before the end of the week. Your feedback should be constructive and add value to the discussion. Just as .

and what’s the difference between membership medical and walk-in clinics?

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