Strategic plan analysis barnes noble essay

Thursday, July 7th, 9: Operations Management Committee members: Atalay Atasu co-chairDr.

Strategic plan analysis barnes noble essay

Cost structure Dynamics ofWorld Coffee Prices The indicator Price system established in by International Coffee Organization ICO to provide a consistent and reliable procedure for reporting prices of different types of coffee. ICO composite indicator provides a benchmark for price of green coffee.

ICO organization collects ex-dock shipment prices data and calculates arithmetic mean.

Strategic plan analysis barnes noble essay

This represents ICO composite indicator. Refer Figure 1 in appendix Phase 1: Phase 2 begin with an increasing trend line where in average composite price increases from to Price-elasticity of Demand For and Supply of Coffee The price elasticity demand is measure to show the elasticity of the quantity demanded of the good or service to a change in its price.

IN case of Coffee, Coffee is produced primarily in south american countries and some developing countries but consumed in developed countries. With disruptive weather the supply of coffee is suppressed and hence the price of coffee will rise hence the Price of coffee can be considered volatile.

Weather has been rated as one of the top factors affecting the supply of coffee. The countries where coffee is grown is generally humid, disruptive patterns in the weather has caused coffee plant diseases. Some articles have also listed fungus as one of the elements causing decrease in the coffee supplies.

Difficulty in growing Arabica plants was also listed as one of the reason for shrinking coffee production. Increase in demand can be associated with emerging new markets such as China which was primarily tea market has now seen a sudden shift in taste.

Increase in expendable income due to higher salaries has caused the demand for finer coffee to grow. Major determinants of world coffee prices in Weather and climate change affect coffee prices more than other factors. Coffee trees require specific climatic conditions to produce an optimum crop.


Threat of New Entrants: Appendix 2 shows Barriers to Entry Checklist. Bargaining Power of Buyers: Bargaining Power of Suppliers: E program, which gives its suppliers a fair partnership status, which yields them some moderately, low power.

Intensity of Competitive Rivalry: Looking at the Porters five forces analysis, we can get an aggregate industry analysis that the strength of forces and the profitability in the retail coffee and snacks industry are Moderate http: However, coffee prices do not fluctuate proportionally in each stage of the marketing chain.

Consumer prices for example fluctuate less than prices of green coffee on the world market. The degree of fluctuation depends strongly on the way prices are determined. When farmers know in which stage of the production and marketing chain their prices are the most resistant to pressure by buyers and sellers, they can select the most profitable position to increase their market power.

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Section two takes a look at how prices are influenced and by which factors they are influenced. In section three a closer look is taken at the instability in receipts from coffee exports, caused by fluctuations in prices.

Strategic plan analysis barnes noble essay

This is followed in section four by an exposition about the influence of international commodity agreements on world coffee prices. Section five describes how the margin on coffee is distributed over each stage in the marketing chain.

The final section of this chapter presents some conclusions about the pricing in the world coffee market. Price instability occurs in the long run, but also short term prices may change.

This section takes a closer look at how coffee prices are determined. Determination of prices depends in the first place on the type of prices. World coffee prices are largely set on the futures and forward coffee markets. The quantity traded on these markets is much larger than actual trade in coffee.

Prices are determined on the world market by means of speculation and arbitrage. Since coffee prices are influenced by speculation, pricing depends strongly on expectations about future supply and demand.

Local coffee prices may differ between several coffee producing countries.

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According to De Rijkprices paid to Indonesian exporters at a given world price depend on the quality of the coffee and regularity and reliability of the quality.Strategic Analysis Of Starbucks Corporation Certified coffee under its coffee and farmer equity (C.A.F.E) program, which gives its suppliers a fair partnership status, which yields them some moderately, low power Effective Strategic Management: From Analysis to Implementation gives readers a firm foundation in the theories and.

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