Tribute to my mother

Teenager on video tribute to dying mother 08 Mar The song has been put to music and clips from family videos — taken during the last two decades of Mrs Phillips's life — have been turned into a short film. In just five days, the YouTube clip has had thousands of "hits" and it is set to become a global internet sensation.

Tribute to my mother

My heart was torn into two, one was filled with heartache and pain, the other died with you. I lie awake at nights when the world is fast asleep, through the stillness of the dark; alone I take a walk down memory lane with tear filled eyes.

If I could write a story about you, dear mother, it would be the greatest ever told of a kind and warm heart, a loving and caring mother who had a generous heart of gold. Diction fail in providing the right words that would correctly describe your sterling qualities. The images fill my head but my education could not arm me with words to say how you are.

I could write a million pages yet unable to say just how much you gave yourself, your love, your resources, your everything; how dedicated you were to caring for your children and others around you; the hope and succour God gave to the childless through you; the free drugs you gave generously, the child delivery you superintended through sleepless nights without asking for a dime; the home you gave to the homeless.

You paid for Tribute to my mother for those who could ill afford it; mediated between warring couples; your generous smile, your sincere advice and kind words that soothe all troubled souls around you, your profound belief that God in heaven watches over our actions. If I could write a story about your life struggles, the needless troubles and battles you went through in defence of your children and your brother and a huge heart full of sunshine with which you tolerated and forgave, a million pages would not be enough to tell the story of how simple a heart you were.

You desired that those who troubled you could understand your inner pains; they failed to understand that you loved and cared for them so much. To the policeman who was hired to assassinate you when every diabolic means failed, you prayed and blessed him; the young man was so overwhelmed with your magnanimity that he went on his knees and wept.

Were it not for your kind and forgiving soul, Maami, you would have still been alive till today. Mama, I watched helplessly as you were harassed, threatened and eventually hounded to your untimely grave. My pain is not in the fact that you are gone but in the senseless circumstances of your death.

Though the wicked who has since after your death ran away from our compound may rejoice but your death will remain their loss and shame but to Gods glory. Who will they go to for free medicare when they are sick? Who will they run to when they need bread?

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Who will they go to for advice? Who will they call for help when they run into trouble? Who would mend their leaking roof or give them water to bathe and wash their dirty clothes? Who will provide them shelter when it rains?

When babies cry, when women are in labour, who will give them free delivery and medication? If they had thought about all these Maami, they would have prayed that you lived longer.

I called you Maami because you were like no other mother. You were the most precious and most beautiful. You gave me life, you nurtured me, you loved me unconditionally, you taught me how to navigate the shark infested polygamous home, forthrightness and my strength of character, you taught me how to fight, be myself and stand on my own.

You shouted at me and cuddled me. Above all, you taught me what love truly is and the beauty of forgiveness. You were a bundle of inspiration to all around you. Your home was open to everyone, your hospitality made them feel special. You are the most humble, compassionate, understanding family oriented woman I have ever seen.

You are so dear and so true. You had an indescribable inner strength. When father passed on 35 years ago, you went through storms and battles to raise all your children. Like mother hen you shielded us from harm, navigating through legion of landmines laid for you and your children in your home.

You owed no man and paid everyone their dues. You were very energetic, highly organised and disciplined. I could still hear you say Nuu rapu ka njo dili ofu onye, Nuu jili nwayoo. Nuu kedu ka iga esi nye aka, etc.

Tribute to my mother

You were so happy. Never in my life had I seen you, dear mother, dance like one intoxicated with new wine.

A sample tribute speech for my mother

It was a glorious moment.Tribute is a live album by heavy metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, featuring his work with hard rock guitarist Randy Rhoads, in whose honor the album was released.

The album was released on 19 March , five years after the death of Rhoads, then it was reissued on 22 August , and again remastered and reissued in It peaked at number 6 on the US Billboard chart. Once we grow up and realize our Moms were right all along, we find ourselves repeating the things she said!

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My Mother, My Angel, Mother Death Poem

Machine wash. I lost my mother to cancer on 9/2/ I wrote this in her honor. She wasn't just a mom to me; she was my best friend.

With Mother’s Day approaching this weekend I wanted to share a public tribute to my Mom. The purpose of this tribute is to give her the honor she deserves and to display my appreciation to God for the mom he gave me.I am linking back to. “Encourage one another daily” (Hebrews ).. Daily Encouragement Net is devoted to encouraging followers of Jesus Christ. Home. The Tribute. Written tributes are wonderful ways of expressing our love and appreciation to those we value. The Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother [James McBride] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the New York Times bestselling author of The Good Lord Bird, winner of the National Book Award for Fiction.

My heart breaks for anyone who loses their mom. BBC Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans has paid tribute to his "incredible" mother Minnie, after finding out she had died aged 92, just before he went on air. Sports reporter Vassos Alexander stepped. Family members have paid tribute to a mother and her year-old daughter who were found dead in Gloucester.

The bodies of Laura Mortimer, 31, and Ella Dalby were found at a house on Dexter Way at. Lyrics to 'My Mother' by Hank Snow. There are friends who will want you but just for a day / There are pals you think true but they'll cast you away / But.

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