Where to write an address on a box

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Where to write an address on a box

When you have them both, it is important to know the proper way to include them on your correspondence so you can be sure it gets to the right place. Barry Jones, who is a U.

where to write an address on a box

Postal Service worker in Howard Lake, Minnesota, outlined how to do so. When Sending to P. Box When you know for sure you are sending something to a P. List the recipient's name either a person's name or a company's nameand then list the P.

After you list the P. The post office employees will know that the item goes to the P. For example, list the person's name or business' name, then list the street address, and follow on the third line with the P. In this case, the P.

where to write an address on a box

If mail delivery is not possible to the street address, the recipient is not home and the package needs to be signed for or there is another reason that the mail cannot get where it is going, then the P.

Write the recipient's name, then the words "PO Box" followed by the P.


On the third line, use the street address. This will allow the post office and the mail carrier to deliver the item as quickly as possible.How to address your UK mail correctly. PO Box Number; Double Dependent Locality (small village) Dependent Street (a business park or cul-de-sac) Any business who collects customer address data over the phone, online, in the post, or who performs direct mailings, can benefit from addressing their mail correctly.

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